Solder Pellets, Split Loom, & Jumper Harnesses

Solder Pellets

Provide a strong and durable wire connection with our solder pellets. These pre-fluxed pellets offer a quick and effective way to join wires without the need for crimping.

Strip the proper size cable so the exposed cable will reach the top of the battery terminal. The cable installation should fit snugly against the top. Insert proper size solder pellet and apply solder flux.
Secure the battery terminal in a vise. Slide the proper size heat shrink tubing over the cable. Insert the exposed cable into the terminal. Heat the base of the battery terminal while applying gentle downward pressure on the cable.
As the solder melts, allow the cable to slide into the terminal until the installation is snug against the top of the terminal. Remove from heat. Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connection. Apply indirect heat to the tubing.
Allow connection to cool. You now have “The Perfect Connection”.

Solder Pellets Specifications

Split Loom Tubing

The purpose of split loom tubing is to streamline your wires and create an extra layer of protection for your cables.

Suitable for retrofit and repair.
Use for repair and organization of cables on appliances, construction, HVAC systems.
Resistant to alcohol, grease, oils, benzine, weather, and UV-rays.
Available in 100' Lengths

Split Loom Specifications

Jumper Harnesses

Streamline wire harness installations with our jumper harnesses. Designed to connect two components seamlessly, they save time and effort in complex wiring setups.

Harnesses made with 2/0 welding cable, heavy duty plated lugs and dual wall heat shrink tubing.
Custom Harnesses available.

Jumper Harness Specifications

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