AEP Wrap

AEP Wrap

Provides a simple economical solution for worn products.

If your hydraulic hose is worn or damaged, our top-of-the-line wrap is the solution. AEP Wrap is a high-density neoprene wrap. Made with overlapping grooves that interlock to create a seal. It is very easy to apply - the only tools you will need are a knife, the tape to end the wrap, and the wrap itself. Interlock the grooves to cover the damaged spot. When finished, apply the cold-shrink, non-adhesive tape to complete the seal.

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Trust our Dependable, Durable Hose Wrap

Reduce costly downtime with this new, effective hose-wrap.The primary cause of hose/wire failures are cuts and friction from abrasion. This flexible, tough high-strength silicone wrap will protect 10 to 1 against future hose / wire replacements. The wrap only requires a pair of hands, no other tools are needed. Please view the product video and product tour to take a quick look at how this product works, and how the AEP Wrap could be a great asset to your equipment and time.
Worn Hose With Wrap
Interlocking Grooves
Connecting Grooves
Cold-Shrink Tape

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